Our Program

Our Program incorporates Christian Values and our principles and practices. We believe that each child has been created by God, and that children are intelligent, infinitely capable and creative. As Christian teachers and educators we support children's learning by supporting these qualities and to challenge children through loving caring interactions and relationships, prayer and working in partnership with the child and their family. 

We are guided at St Nics' Christian Preschool by the contemporary theories and research informed by the Reggio Emilia approach recognising the value of the environment as a ‘third teacher’. We see that behind educators and families, physical spaces hold the potential to influence what and how children learn.  At St Nics' Christian Preschool careful planning and decisions about our environments are designed to foster discovery, in the goal to prepare children for school and teach children Christian values.

The approved Early Years Learning Framework Belonging, Being and Becoming is embedded in St Nics' Christian Program, it informs the development of our curriculum that enhances each child’s learning and development. 

We celebrate each child’s learning and growth through each of the 5 Early Years Learning Framework outcomes, as they participate in our enriched curriculum, with special emphasis on Christian values, Bible stories, and daily prayer, visiting the Church for Chapel and through Music. Our curriculum has a deliberate focus on transition to school, preparing children spiritually and socially, through language, using the arts as a form of expression of language. We have an emphasis preparing children for school both physically and cognitively by building independence, motor skills and including literacy and numeracy. We provide an opportunity for children to discover who Jesus is. This lays the foundation for children to have their own personal relationship with Jesus. All in the aim to equip children to live by faith in Jesus Christ and encourage them to serve one another in love towards the overall goal of ‘growing hearts and minds’ as they strive to reach their God-given potential.