Your child's Preschool Education provides foundational skills equipping them for both formal school and life. We provide a foundation in which to equip children to live by faith in Jesus Christ and encourage children to serve one another in love towards the overall goal of ‘growing hearts and minds’ as they strive to reach their individual God-given potential, sparking a love of learning.

All children enrolled are offered places from the waitlist (below). In allocating places to children we follow the 'Priority for allocating places' as required by the Department of Education and Training. We also take into consideration date of waitlist, age of child, days requested, siblings and current availability at the Preschool. We suggest that you place your child as soon as possible to increase your success in gaining a place. 

Thank you for choosing St Nics' Christian Preschool - please complete the waitlist form below to begin your enrolment process. 


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Thankyou for your waitlist application. We will be in touch when we offer you a place. Feel free to contact the Preschool to see how your waitlist is progressing.